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Why Saltbox? Some laugh, some are curious, and some just know.

General Amanda Walczyk 8 Dec

Most agents  use their names to establish their brand. However, most brands tend to have a couple of things in common. First, your brand should be something that can be easily remembered. Second, your audience should be able to spell your brand’s name with ease. There is nothing worse than going to Google, typing something in, and then not being able to find it, or remember exactly what it was. My name is Amanda Walczyk and most wont be able to spell that on their first try!

So this is why I went with Saltbox Mortgages…

The Saltbox was used in kitchens back in the Colonial Era. They were without a doubt the holder for the most important ingredient in the kitchen. Saltboxes were designed to make getting the perfect pinch fast and easy. These cute boxes sat on the countertop and could be hung on the wall. Salt was not only used to add flavour, but was a very important ingredient when it came to preserving food.

In the mid 1800’s, settler’s homes were being built and designed after theses traditional Saltboxes. They were typically made from higher quality materials, had a sloped roof and were 1.5 stories high. Today, Saltbox homes have a modern look and are typically a higher end build.

So how does this all come together? A mortgage is one of the most important and one of the largest investments an individual will obtain in their lifetime. Mortgages are also very versatile and can impact your life in so many ways; just like the salt in your kitchen.

I enjoyed the history behind the name and how it tied together real estate, the mortgage industry and everyday life. I remember sitting at my kitchen table trying so hard to think of ways to make “Amanda” or “Walczyk” fit into a memorable name. The reality was, neither are that memorable. “Walczyk” is far too hard to spell and is questionable when it comes to pronunciation – I mean, my last name alone consists of 7 letters and only 1 is a vowel.

Throughout my career it is my promise to keep the products I offer versatile and provide you with a quality experience! Who knows, maybe even one day I will help somebody fund their very own Saltbox home.

– Amanda Walczyk